Traffic Shaping on OpenWrt with Wshaper on LuCI

Wshaper or Wonder Shaper is a traffic shaper using HTB Algorithm that turn your internet traffic to low latency and guarantee performance.

Reasons to choose wshaper is simple and zero configuration that automatically optimize the internet for *low latency.

The goals of Wshaper are
  • Maintain low latency for interactive traffic at all times
  • Allow 'surfing' at reasonable speeds while up or downloading
  • Make sure uploads don't harm downloads, and the other way around

Installation And Configuration

Step 1. Connect your router via web interface
  1. Select tabs System - Software
  2. Click Update List
  3. In download and install packages type "luci-app-wshaper" then click ok
Download and Install packages from Attitude Adjustment 12.09 to Barrier Breaker (Experimental)
cd /tmp
opkg install wshaper_0.2-2_all.ipk 
opkg install luci-app-wshaper_0.11.1-1_ar71xx.ipk
rm -f wshaper*.ipk
rm -f luci-app-wshaper*.ipk
If you using another Board (e.g. ar71xx) you should change the ar71xx at url address bar to your board architecture (e.g. brcm47xx)

Step 2. Configuration
  1. Select tabs Network - Wshaper
  2. In WonderShaper Settings
  3. Select your wan interface
  4. Type your uplink and downlink by Speedtest then convert it into kbit/s (Calculation tools)
  5. Select Save & Apply
Step 3. Start and enable Wshaper
  1. Select tabs System - Startup
  2. Find in initscript - Wshaper
  3. Click enabled and start
Then now test it by playing HD video and other intensive internet application then compare the result while gaming, testing latency, and others.


  • If Wshaper doesn't work or not affect latency try reducing uplink then slightly reduce the downlink to calibrate the settings
  • Wshaper usually doesn't work on high latency or low upload rate ISP
  • Wshaper doesn't guarantee the traffic always on low latency