Manage Your Network Traffic Priority in OpenWrt with QoS

QoS or Quality of Service is equivalent to traffic shaping but with packet prioritization, application classification and queuing at congestion points

With QoS on OpenWrt you can prioritize network traffic selected by the addresses, ports or services.
QoS advantages
  • Guarantees bandwidth for key applications and users.
  • Can put off the need for faster network infrastructure.
  • Can help in network planning by measuring and managing traffic flow.

Installation And Configuration

Step 1. Install QoS Packages on OpenWRT from LuCI Interfaces
  1. Select tabs System - Software
  2. Click Update List
  3. In Download and install packages type "luci-app-qos" then click ok
Step 2. Configuration
  1. Select tabs Network - QoS
  2. Check Enable , Check Calculate Overhead (To reduce traffic latency)
  3. In Download speed and Upload speed column by Speedtest then convert it to kbit/s (Calculation tools)
Step 3. Classification Rules
  • Classification Rules is the application or packet priority rules for the network traffic
  • Enter the port and protocol of the application (e.g. SSH : 22 , DNS : 53 , Web Services : 80)
  • Then select protocol : (e.g. TCP , UDP , ICMP , or ALL)
The QoS Priority Priority - boosts low-bandwidth small frames, such as TCP-ACKs and DNS more than the Express Express - is for prioritizing bigger frames, which would include stuff like VoIP and Gaming Normal - all traffic that is not specifically classed will fall under the normal class.

You not need to explicitly set anything to this class Low - is only allocated bandwidth when the remaining classes are idle. Use this class for P2P services and downloading services like FTP

Step 4. Start and enable QoS
  1. Select tabs System - Startup
  2. Find in initscript - QoS
  3. Click enabled and start
Setup the QoS can take a time because it's not simple like Wshaper, Because QoS need additional configuration like classify your network bottleneck and traffic to optimize the network efficiently


  • You can change some PC Priority Add Static IP (Network - DHCP - Static Leases) then Source Host the PC IP , Destination Host all
  • You can search the application port from Google's search (e.g. Steam required ports, Google Play store port number, PS4 port numbers, and Netflix Port Number)
  • If you need some application or services run smoothly change the port number of the application to Express or Priority
  • If QoS doesn't work try reducing Upload speed to 80% and slightly reduce the Download Speed to calibrate the settings
  • To optimize your Internet Traffic don't use Qos with Wshaper for optimal performance